The Archive

Alternate Universe Individuals ("Outsiders") that bear a striking resemblance to one "Eduard Bennett Mayfield"

Documented cases of individuals discovered using ████████████████████ to reach out to Universes that exist beside our own. Shockingly, in each case that an individual made contact with the probe, the person(s) in question seem to bear a striking physical and psychosocial resemblance to one another. In a majority of cases the individuals introduce themselves with the name "Eduard".

As of the upload of this website we have begun enquiries in an attempt to discover the "Eduard" of our time. We have narrowed the search down to one "Eduard Bennett Mayfield"; however, all attempts to reach out or locate him physically have failed. Any information regarding his whereabouts should be sent to ██████████ at immediately.

After much deliberation on the part of ████████████, we have decided to release these files and documents with some minor omissions in the hopes that others may glimpse them and assist in unravelling the meaning behind this phenomenon.


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Eduard Bennett Mayfield


Eduard "May Green" Bennett Mayfield




Eduard "Seeker" Maius